Social begins here

Social begins here

iSocial is a sociable experience company whose “Rent-A-Friend” program helps to gratify your cultural needs and encourage you living important life in the current technology society. iSocial does not engage in erotic services or illegitimate activities. Our “Rent-A-Friend” services are designed for companionship goal only. Simply book an experience!

Please read this carefully for an effective arrangement.

Our business operation hours?
We operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week.
Are your escort singaporeans?
YES! We do not employ or work with illegitimate foreigners. Please be assured that we only use public escort amazing people in Singapore that are Singapore individuals. We do not engage in deceitful techniques such as lying to customers about the nationality and races of your staffs.
How do I book an event?
1. Book one of your standard experiences through email or phone. Please confirm your name, era, nationality, mobile number, time and location when arranging.
2. Don’t see what you are considering? Modify your experience by telling us the needs you have. We endeavour to meet your requirements whenever you can.
We need a 24 hours progress reservation. However, this is at the mercy of the staff’s availability. To access a larger supply, we will encourage a lead time of at least 48 hours. It’s that simple!
Payment Guidelines
It is compulsory that payment be made before the commencement of service. Rates are in Singapore dollars. For the payment, we only recognize cash or standard bank transfer at the moment.
Cancellation Conditions
You might have a grace period of 10 minutes upon arrival of our escort to choose if she actually is ideal for you. You may have the to cancel the time within the first 10 minutes by contacting iSocial or by asking the personnel to call iSocial in your existence. For such situations, we will only ask you to cover the effective travel costs ($50) in payment for dates in the city area. If the staff desire to cancel the particular date for whatever reasons, she is entirely absolve to do so. She would have to inform the iSocial immediately in your presence. Encouraging our personnel in the consumption of illegal substances or excessive liquor is strictly forbidden. We wish to point out to you that for the duration of his/her contracted services to you, the staff is fully under your protection and good care. Filming them or the taking of the images is also totally forbidden, unless otherwise agreed upon with iSocial.
Can I visit a catalogue of staffs?
We only provide a catalogue of the staffs for selection, upon verification of the arranging.
Are our staffs screened?
Yes. Every staff has been interviewed for fit and suitability by our People Learning resource. Your satisfaction and security is our concern!
How do you make the almost all of my experience?
Tell us more about yourself i.e. your actual age group, hobbies, pursuits, purpose for engaging us would help us in finding you the best option staff.
Can I package directly with the personnel for just about any change of plan, future plan or additional service?
Staffs’ basic safety and discretion are responsibility of iSocial and therefore we do not allow any direct working such as straight asking for additional hours. Requests for these must be produced right to iSocial either by you or ensuring that our personnel informs us on your question. Exchanging phone numbers or having future conferences without the business’s agreement are a serious violation of your conditions and conditions and you’ll get black shown for this. Our staffs may also be terminated from iSocial. They are briefed on that time. So please advise us about the unplanned additional services that you may require.
How do I provide responses on my experience?
Yes. At iSocial, client and personnel satisfaction is our extreme priority. Should you be unhappy with an event, you’ll be provided the opportunity to provide reviews which iSocial will review.
In case you have any questions, please e mail us at


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